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Are you ready to crush your HSC Family Law exam?

Family Law HSC Year 12

What you get in the Family Law
HSC Year 12

Theory and Skills Based Workshops Every Week

Legal Studies Workbooks

Access to Our Private Google Classroom Where you can Rewatch Any of Our Record Sessions

Personalised Help For Your Assessment Task

Regular Feedback On Practice

A HSC Teacher And Marker On Tap Where You Can Ask Questions At Any Time

the program

Week 1 – Nature of Family

Week 2 – Nature of Family

Week 3 –  Responses

Week 4 – Responses

Week 5 – Contemporary Issues

Week 6 –  Contemporary Issues

Week 7 –  HSC exam essay workshhop

What our student’s say

Anthony Metry
Anthony Metry
Western Sydney
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CONFIDENT AND READY TO SMASH THE HSC!!! That's exactly how Reach My ATAR made me felt after attending the Legal Studies and Business Studies holiday courses. Christine is amazing. She helps break down difficult dot points and simplifies it so much.
Michael B.
Michael B.
North West Sydney
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Sarah L.
Sarah L.
Western Sydney
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